How to Plan a Secret Santa Gift Exchange

There are a few different versions of Secret Santa but they all generally follow a set of constraints:

The person giving the gift is not known
There is a target person who should receive that gift
There is a typical price range

To plan your own Secret Santa, first consider the number of people who you want to invite and a gift price limit. Considering the number or members in your gift exchange will better help with logistics while setting a price limit will make sure that receivers do not feel like they spent too much on their own gift.

Once you have figured out who is going to be a part of your gift exchange, you will want to have some way of randomizing who gets who. A hat with names in it is a good way of doing this. Participants simply draw a name out of a hat and that becomes the person they are gifting to. You can also do this in advance and simply give each member their target in secrecy.

To make things a little easier for the Santa’s, you may want to arrange for wishlists to be created so that they do not have to work too hard to figure out things that their gifted might actually want.

You may also want to encourage participants to send notes or small to their giftee, anonymously. Such notes might be a poem or well wishes. These small bits of information may serve to better help the gifted figure out who their Secret Santa is, in the case of a gift exchange where there is some benefit behind figuring out who their giftor is.

When the day of the exchange finally comes, participants should arrive with their gift. Depending on how you want to setup this part, you may have Santa’s place their gift on a table secretly or have them give their gift to their recipient one by one.

Secret Santa’s can be a simple way of making the holidays a little more fun. Try it for yourself!